Strategic Consulting and Mobile PaymentsCHALLENGE

In the Mobile Payments arena, "wait and see" is not an option anymore. The war here is not between large and small, but between fast and slow.

In the Mobile Payments wave is a big challenge for IT, operations and business units in Financial Entities. The role of both traditional and new players is being defined and it is time for Financial Entities to define business opportunities as well as threats from their potential partners. The starting point must be to determine the value they want to add to the growing value chain for each geographic and customer segment.

Following Maya’s ancient culture, getting the answer means asking the right question. In mobile payments the question is not “who will win?”, but “who do you want to lead what?”. This will define the winners.

Strategic Consulting and Mobile PaymentsSERVICES

  • Strategic consulting to find the value added services of the customer in each step of the mobile payments value chain for each market.

  • IT, Operations and channel impacts of an NFC project, based on Mögrav experience in real pilots, avoiding unnecessary and non-scalable projects.

  • Benchmarking of best practices in Mobile Payments from: banks, telcoms, technology companies, couponing organizations and new nich players.
  • Strategic Consulting and Mobile PaymentsMETHODOLOGY

    A fluttering butterfly could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. This is possible in what physicists call "complex systems", where the long term outcome of a perturbation cannot be predicted. Mobile payments is a good example of complex system in the business world. This is why Mögrav' strong methodology drives a systematic analysis that takes into account the different evolutions of existing solutions.

    Mögrav’s methodology aligns business drivers with the four main decision pillars: geography, customer segmentation, timing, and one's role in the value chain. On this basis, the best technological strategy is defined through a roadmap that identifies its impacts on infrastructure, customer channels and on operations in the entire payments life cycle.