Along the products life cycle there are some processes with large complexity, which main characteristic is a stocastic behaviour. This typically happens at the begining phase (selling) and the final one (recovery).

This complexity arises because of many customer interaction, a lack of control on variables defined or conditionated by third parties, document management steps and the externalization of some services to third parties.

For this reason, Mögrav offers software applications with mobile front end and entire back office management. Adopting these solutions result in P&L improvements with a clear, measurable ROI.


Mögrav offers licenses of its enterprise applications, developed with the idea of ROI Apps: Solutions to manage innitial (selling) phase and final (recovery) phase of products lifecycle.

With this process management approach using mobile front-end, ROI Apps ofering include:

  • Enrollment and sales of products processes.

  • Early recovery management processes.

  • Claim management.
  • ROI Apps Factory METHODOLOGY

    Traditional way to drive these stocastic processes use BPM, CRM DM systems and remote channels (Web, Contact Center and Mobile). This approach is inefficient, complex and without clear tracking or control pannel tools.

    Mögrav approaches thes processes with a dynamic, adaptative architecture, extending customer relationship to mobile devices.

    Little improvements in the efficiency on these processes produce large benefits to the P&L of our customers.