Mobile Payments LatAm 2012
Miami December 5-6, 2012

In its presentation in Miami, Mögrav highligted the importance of defining the right strategy in mobile payments for unbanked and underbanked populations.

Mögrav called upon businesses to first define the business KPIs and to establish a clear roadmap. This is the way to understand the added value in each step of the value chain. The partners must be evaluated as well as the existing threats.

Mögrav talked about mobile payment drivers in LatAm, such as prepaid cards, retail loyalty, payment and credit facilities, remittance, as well as the importance role of social networks amongst youth. The latter may prove to be critical once a strategy is defined for unbanked and underbaked population.

During the conference, there were many discussions about cash-in and cash-out options and how non-banking organizations can solve this issue in rural areas if a massive adoption is desired.