Quality AssuranceCHALLENGE

Financial entities are seeking to achieve customer leadership using a customer centric approach.

Achieving the excellence in mobile channel is a big challenge that needs a cross-channel vision, leveraging the best practices in financial sector and dealing with fragmentation, operating system recommendations as well as usability and customer experience tendencies.

For this reason, Mögrav offers several services to improve mobile banking channel. Mögrav's methodology proves a clear and measurable ROI in its services. These projects deliver immediate improvements in usability, user experience, software quality, commercial offers and mobile banking strategy.

Quality AssuranceSERVICES

  • End-to-end development projects quality assurance. This service delivers improvements in requirements definition, development processes and methodology, software quality, communication plans and production process.

  • Software Cerification of already in production applications of mobile channel. This service finds improvements to be done in the channel to achieve the best customer experience service level.

  • Best practices observatory. This service analyzes with benchmarking the best of breed in mobile channel, as well as technological and usability tendencies, generating a continuous improvement process.
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    Quality AssuranceMETHODOLOGY

    Mögrav analizes the quality of processes and developed software of mobile banking projects, offering the highest service value on its Software Certification. This service includes UX analysis, banking functionality, security and performance processes, as well as middleware and external services integrations.

    Mögrav performs its Software Certification by using heuristic analysis, adaptive process in quality of test planning, best practices based on benchmarking cases and O.S. developpers' recommendations, hardware manufacturers and sector leader entities.

    This Quality Certification is also supported by the use of agile methodologies, applied in the development process within different environments, resulting in immediate improvements as well as a roadmap for next phases. Therefore, Mögrav clients develop leader mobile banking channels with the excellence as their main goal.