Mobile Apps World
London October, 2-3, 2012

Mögrav participated in this annual conference to explain the importance of defining a clear strategy in the entire value chain of Mobile Payments.

We explained that Financial Entities and other participants in the ecosystem are mainly rolling pilots in order to test the technology. In these projects there is typically a lack of business drivers. Consequently these projects do not have a clear view of the business impact on the card lifecycle process nor do they focus upon the real opportunities in the Mobile Payments value chain.

Mögrav was asked who the winners in Mobile Payments will be. We said that Apple will probably be the big winner as it is organizing its backoffice infrastructure at an early stage. Apple is showing that the way information is interchanged in cards payments, prepaid transport services and in remittance coupons is not the essencial point now.

We were checking some new devices that supply card readings for smartphones using EMV chip reading as an evolution of Square and Paypal Here magstripe readers. A well-known example, iZettle, was at the exposition area. We do not beleave that a wide adoption of these well-known devices is possible unless the payment card brands certify them. For this reason it does not surprise us that Mastercard is part of iZettle foundings.